Consumer Spending at New Years

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The end of the year marks the beginning or renewal of the next one. People want to let it all out. And if they are having a party for their friends at this time, they spare no expense in ending the year on a positive, exciting note! December 31st has given people enough time to enjoy the holidays, be glad that they are over, and prepare for the next year to come. The spending spree is over. Well, almost. There is still an opportunity for one last big blowout, and many will take advantage of that. Some gather at Times Square, in New York City, to watch the famous lit-up ball drop. Others gather at the shores to watch the fantastic fireworks displays. But most will be cozy in their living rooms decorated with New Years party supplies, watching all the excitement from the comfort of their own homes, sitting on their couches with champagne bottle in hand, readying for the toast. The people who decide to hit the streets, parties, and the various events that occur on New Years Eve will go all out on outfits, jewelry, and masquerade masks. It’s a time to shine like the fireworks, be noticed, and be admired. Women have their nails done, and toenails, too, to wear their brand new designer heels with peek-a-boo toes. Their jewelry may be costume, but it will be exquisite and elegant. Others will wear over the top earrings and bangles. It’s a great time to show off, and there’s no limit to just how formal you can look for that exciting last night of the year. The more elaborate the New Years eve party, the more guests will dress up and want to be part of the fantastic scenery. And if a party is being thrown, there must be champagne, with wonderful stemware to accompany it. This is the time to shine, so expensive champagne, caviar, and wonderful catered hors d’oeuvres are all in order for your very special guests. People may go as far as renting furniture to accommodate the many guests they have invited. And they will need some type of unique noise makers to join in the fun at the midnight moment. Of course, this can also be a very romantic evening for couples who want to ring in the New Year with romance. So chocolate covered strawberries can accompany the chilled champagne in the gorgeous hotel room that had been reserved. It will all be in anticipation of that very special New Year’s kiss."

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014