JHS Student Council attends conference at Jax State
The Jacksonville High School Student Council attended The ASCA District Conference at JSU November 14th. The students presented two sessions on bullying. The officers planned the presentation and a DVD was shown that students Shay O’Donnell and Alexis Paige produced on bullying that won a state technology award. The group also presented a skit on three different types of bullying; emotional, cyber, and physical. The skit let the audience know that the students being bullied at school also had problems at home and none of us ever know what is taking place in others lives. The group also gave facts on bullying and had a pledge that the audience recited together to stop bullying.

The officers include President Britt Buzan, Vice President Emilee Arledge, Secretary Tia Pendleton, Treasurer Mallory Haynes, Historian Emily Ausborn and Senior High Adviser Ellen Bass. Student Council members taking part in the sessions were Heather Floyd, Anna Jackson, Dominique Elston, Abby Jaskowski, Michelle Megill, Kyle Furlow, Andrew Clingan, Jasmine Salter, Ali Ramsay, Josh Buzan, Harley Croft, Sharon Osterbind, Lexie Daugherty, Kira Kingston, Kara Jenkins, Natalie Owens, Savannah Lynch, Austin Green, Shay O’Donnell, and Alexis Paige.

The Junior High Student Council attended the conference also. Those attending were Abby Cockrell, Madison Goodgame, Anna Ruth Hamilton, Becca Ulrich, Mallory Bell, Ashley Cunigan, Rebecca Hearn, Anna Pollard, Kaitlin Johnson, Raven McDaniel and Jr. High Adviser Angie Davis.
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