Rowell addresses Inter-Se Study Club
Barbara Rowell, Jacksonville City Librarian, addressed the Inter-Se Study Club at their Nov. 20, meeting held at the JSU Alumni House.

Rowell introduced herself with a short background of her educational and professional qualifications.  She has been at the City Library for 15 years.  

Especially, Rowell expressed gratitude for the expansion of the library which allows for on-site programs and meetings.

Rowell gave an overview of the many events and services available at the library.  Computer classes or individual tutors are available covering computer basics, word processing, using the Internet, and emailing.   If you would like to attend a class, please call Kristie at 256-435-6332.

The library hosts movie nights and clubs for aspiring writers, and computer and/or photography.  They have appearances by authors, some of the most notable being Lilly Ledbetter, Deborah Vogelgeseng, and Wanda Brunstetter.

Seasonal programs are available as well, such as:  Ghosts Hunters, Women in Black; Christmas Open House and Valentines from the Heart.

The library offers a children’s reading program and an Adult Summer Reading Program.  The summer reading program for adults started in 2011 with 71 participants and had grown to 124 participants in 2012.

Prizes are given for participants in the reading program.  Other features of the summer reading program were Authors after Dark:  Dr. Raymond Moody, Homer Hickam and Carolyn Haines.    

For the artists there is Bad Art night; Sorry, Starry Night; for the gardeners there is Things that Go “Bloom” in the Night, and for the crafter’s Knittin’ for Kittens.

They feature workshop such as the Technology Petting Zoo; Christmas Wreaths and Wraps, and Historical Photos.

The Library Open House will be the afternoon of Dec. 6, if you would like to attend.

There is a Library Newsletter which is emailed monthly, so if you would like to subscribe, please call Kristie at 256-435-6332 and give her your email address.

Hardback books that have been read once are available for $5, if you need a last minute gift.

Door prizes were given to Margaret Stem, Carolyn Brooks, and Kenneith Calvert.

Following her presentation, President Calvert present Rowell with a $100 donation for the library.

Items of interest:

A letter of resignation from Mary Owens was read by Mrs. White.  The letter was approved with regret.

Carolyn Brooks, Social Committee Chairman announced that the next meeting of the club would be the Christmas Luncheon.   Carolyn Brooks will arrange for Classic on Noble to cater the event.  Meeting place to be provided by telephone calls by the Social Committee.

A reminder was given by President Calvert to bring pop tabs, box tops, and keep up with your volunteer minutes.  Mary White will bring Volunteer Hour Forms to be filled out to the December luncheon.  

Twelve members were present:  Millie Baker, Carolyn Brooks, Kenneith Calvert, Martha Dobson, Elaine Doyle, Judy Klug, Sonja Parris, Carolyn Sasser, Margaret Stem, Sandra Walker, Carol Ann Watson, and Mary L. White.
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