Kiwanians hear FUMC’s Ted Anderson
by Paige Rentz
Ted Anderson, pastoral assistant at the First United Methodist Church in Jacksonville spoke to Kiwanis members last week about how God gets people through tough times.

He recounted personal hardships, including the story of his son’s severe four-wheeler accident, which left him in a coma for three days and then in rehab. Though his son missed 367 days of work after his injury, he’s fine now.

Anderson, 61, also told of his own scare with cancer back in the 1970s. After having 17 tumors removed, 15 of which the doctors expected to return malignant, Anderson expected to have to undergo radiation. But when he returned to have his stitches removed, all 17 tumors were found to be cancer-free.

“God got me through both of those,” he said. Anderson has been a pastor for 43 years, since shortly after graduating from high school.
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