Board of Education honors volleyball team
by Paige Rentz
The Board of Education this week honored the Jacksonville High School volleyball team for its phenomenal march through postseason play to the state final.

“You gave me a few gray hairs this year, particularly during the county tournament,” Board President Mike Poe told the team members present Monday night. “It was a great season.”

“I just look out at y’all and I think ‘Wow,’ because you’ve accomplished so much,” said board member Kelley Haynes Pearce, whose daughter plays on the team.

Pearce said she has enjoyed watching the team’s growth over the season, especially for a team that only returned two players to lead its quest through the playoffs.

“You know that this year it was a brand new team on that court every game,” she said, “and I think some of us forgot ‘Well, they’ve never all played together at this type level.’”

Poe said he appreciates head coach David Clark for maintaining high expectations and standards for his athletes. “It shows,” he said. “You obviously produce high achievers, and it’s always almost expected that we’re going to be in Birmingham in early fall.”

Pearce told the girls — over achievers, she said — that their hard work clearly paid off. “You showed me,” she said, “that nice girls can finish first.”
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