Yardley’s 1966 VW Bug grabs attention……
Sean Yardley isn’t an attention seeker, but for the past six months he’s been getting plenty of it. That’s when he purchased a 1966 green Volkswagen Bug from a man in Piedmont.

“After I bought it, I started messing with it and found lots of colors under the green paint,” Sean said. “There were over 40 years of about two or three different colors of paint on it. I made it to look worn down and really old, like a patina.”

Sean decided to paint it green and pink. On the roof rack, he added some 1956 suitcases.

“I pretty much got the idea from the Internet,” he said. “There’s a forum called Volkswagen that I like.”

Sean, 35, became interested in Volkswagen Bugs when he was 15.

“I’ll buy then, fix them up, keep them until I get bored with them and then I’ll get something else, but I think I’m going to keep this one,” he said. “I like the older ones. Those are the ones that get my attention.”

Sean said he gets lots of attention going up and down the road, at stores and when he’s pumping gas.

“People are always asking about it,” he said. “I get lots of waves and stares. It’s definitely something to look at. It grabs people’s attention.”

Sean lives in Centre but the car can be seen frequently at the home of his parents, Tony and Barbara Yardley, on West Mountain Avenue. He is a graduate of Saks High School and works at Custom Counter Tops in Oxford.
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