Business as Usual: A newly open showroom and a newly closed convenience store
by Patrick McCreless
Webb Concrete revamps showroom

Webb Concrete and Building Materials in Oxford is putting on a show, and all home builders and remodelers are invited.

The construction company recently finished remodeling its 6,000-square-foot Oxford showroom, making it more accessible and helpful for people looking to build or remodel a home. Phil Webb, owner of Webb Concrete, said the previous showroom was not organized as well and did not focus on as many products.

“We basically cleaned it out and started over,” he said.

Webb said customers can now walk easily through the entire showroom and view a variety of building-material products from multiple vendors – from windows, doors and siding to shower doors and flooring products.

“We wanted to get back to a facility that would actually showcase all types of building products, where homeowners and remodelers could go out and see products that go into construction,” Webb said. “And everything is priced.”

He added that the idea is increasing interaction so customers can make better product choices.

“We wanted builders and original homeowners to meet a sales rep and see it and touch these products, not just see a picture of them on the Internet,” Webb said.

Webb said he wanted to thank his staff, which did all the remodeling work.

“Staff pitched in from our various locations,” Webb said. “The staff did a great job.”

Webb Concrete opened more than 60 years ago in Heflin and now has five locations serving east central Alabama and West Georgia including Heflin, Oxford, Pell City, Centre and Roanoke.

Supermart closed

The Supermart Shell service station on Quintard is closed.

The service station at the corner of Quintard on Eighth Street in Anniston closed for business several days ago. A large cardboard sign with the word closed written on it is taped to the front door. There is also yellow caution tape wrapped around the store’s fuel pumps to prevent motorists from using them.

Inside, most of the food and drink products are either gone or packed in boxes.

But while the store is clearly closed, what isn’t clear is why it closed or if it will ever reopen.

Attempts to reach the property owner, Reb Oil of Alabama LLC, were unsuccessful Friday.

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