Inter-Se Study Club news
The meeting of the Inter-Se Study Club was held at the Alumni House, Jacksonville State University, Tuesday, January 15, 2013 with Carol Ann Watson and Margaret Stem serving as hostesses.

In the absence of the scheduled guest speaker, Dr. Donna Herring, of Jacksonville State University, President Calvert moved directly to the business meeting and called the meeting to order at 2:20 p.m. with the collect and pledge of allegiance.

The following items of interest were discussed:

Constance Sims, treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Reports for the last four months that showed a resulting balance of $575.97.

Martha Dobson, announced that next month’s meeting would feature Theresa Kizer, of the Anniston Library as guest speaker.

President Calvert announced that pull tabs will continue to be collected and that pop tabs should be brought to the March meeting.

She stated that a check would be presented to Meals on Wheels either in February or March, 2013.  She will contact Virginia McRhea to see if she can attend the February Meeting to receive the check.

President Calvert asked for nominations for the Book of Golden Deeds Award.  A nomination was made and members voted to approve the nomination.  Linda Read, Book of Golden Deeds Chairman, will prepare the nomination.

Mary White passed out  Volunteer Hour Forms to those members who had not previously completed the forms and collected them at the end of the meeting.

President Calvert announced that February was the month for our Second Chance project.  Mary White had purchased a bag for each member to use in filling it for the children who have need of this facility.  President Calvert distributed the bags and asked members to fill them and bring them to the next meeting.  She will contact Susan Shipman to have her attend the February Meeting and receive the bags.

President Calvert conducted a drawing and presented items from Jacksonville State University to club members.

The president thanked Margaret Stem and Carol Ann Watson for serving as hostesses.

Members attending were:  Carolyn Brooks, Kenneith Calvert, Martha Dobson, Vera Miller, Eloise Moersch, Linda Read, Sonja Parris, Maxine Rose, Carolyn Sasser, Constance Sims, Margaret Stem, Shelby Thornton, Sandra Walker, Carol Ann Watson, Mary L. White and guest, Bobbi Neumann.
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