Benefit Concert for JSU student
“The Concert for Liza” will be March 9, at 6 p.m. in the arena at Gadsden State Community College’s Centre campus. Liza Parker, who is currently a senior at JSU, was diagnosed with Von Hippel-Lindeau disease, or VHL, at the age of 12. VHL is a rare autosomal genetic condition that predisposes individuals to benign and malignant tumors. Most commonly this disease causes tumors in the central nervous system as well as retinal hemangioblastomas. After 42 surgeries to date, VHL has cost Liza her sight as well as other manifestations common to the disease.

“The Concert for Liza” is a collective effort by those that love her to honor her with one of her greatest joys – listening to her brother, Josh, and his friends who made up the band, Mother Nature Sunne, play together on stage. In order to make this happen the guys have gotten together after nearly 20 years for one last show! That show is your opportunity to see an outpouring of love and support for a truly wonderful individual, as well as hear some great classic rock!

In addition to the headliner group, Mother Nature Sunne, you will be entertained by other artists. Ronnie Kisor and Friends, The Brooke Danielle Band, and Rebekah James, a music major student at JSU, will be playing and singing for the crowd. The cost of the show is but a few hours of your time. The hope is that you will make a tax deductible gift toward a fund for Liza’s medical expenses. Visit facebook at “The Concert for Liza” for more information and updates.
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