‘YELLOW DOT’ program has arrived
by Jimmy Busby
News Correspondent
The “Yellow Dot” program has arrived in Calhoun County.

The “Yellow Dot” program is the first program of its kind in the state of Alabama. It is designed to assist Alabama citizens and first responders in the event of an automobile crash or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle. The program can help save lives during the critical “golden hour” by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.

It is a free program funded by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Traffid Safety Division.

Vehicle owners are provided with a plastic pouch containing completed forms listing vital information regarding individuals including a current picture, name, address, emergency contacts, medical histories and medications, plus names of personal physicians.

The information should be stored in the vehicle’s glove compartment and will be available to first responders should the individuals be involved in an accident and cannot respond to emergency personnel.

First responders are trained to look for a Yellow Dot decal located on the lower left corner of vehicle’s rear windshield.

Responders who see the decal will know to look for the pouch in the glove compartment. The information helps first responders correctly identify people and contact family members.

Enrollment stations in Calhoun County are:

Anniston Police Department, 1200 Gurnee Ave., Anniston

Anniston Fire Department, 225 E. 17th Street, Anniston

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, 400 W. 8th Street, Anniston

Piedmont Police Department, 121 West Ladiga Street, Piedmont

Weaver Police Department, 500 Anniston Street, Weaver

Oxford Fire Station #1, 70 E. 6th Street, Oxford
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