Sherry-Go-Round: Read about this special man
by Sherry Kughn
My latest book recommendation, especially for adults and older teenagers, is “Life Without Limits” by Nick Vujicic. (His name is pronounced voy-a-chich.) Before reading it, though, gather the family around the computer screen and encourage them to see Nick’s testimonial videos on Youtube. Also, watch him sing the “Something” video and the short movie he starred in. It’s called “The Butterfly Circus” with a theme about “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.” (The movie may be a little too sad for young children.)

Nick’s first book, the only one I have read, is “Life Without Limits.” His latest was released in October and is entitled “Unstoppable.”

Here is Nick’s life story: He is an Australian man who was born without arms and legs. His parents raised him as normally as they could, even allowing him to be mainstreamed into school. His biggest struggle was to overcome the depression he suffered from being so different from others. However, in spite of the love and support from his family and friends, he decided, at age 10, to drown himself in his bath tub. Just before succeeding, though, he realized how devastated his parents would be. He reevaluated his young life and continued his journey toward overcoming as many obstacles as he could.

At age 15, Vujicic became a Christian. One day, when he heard the Bible story about the blind man, he realized his life was not an accident. Jesus’s reply to the question of what had caused the blind man’s blindness struck home with Vujicic. The blind man, Jesus said, was born “that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” This message helped Vujicic realize his handicap could be used for God. The realization changed his life.

When he began speaking to groups as a teen-ager, he realized his testimonies were inspiring them. He continued his love of public speaking, but also he attended Griffith University in Australia where he obtained a double major in accounting and financial planning. His love for God led him into the ministry. He founded the Life Without Limbs organization that sponsors his travels throughout the world. His mission is to inspire those who are downtrodden and suffering and to encourage them to have faith in Christ.

“Most of us have little clue as to what God has planned for us each day, each month, year or lifetime,” writes Vujicic in his book. “But each of us has the capacity to add our own flourishes, to pursue our purpose, our passion, and our pleasures with reckless abandon and ridiculous enthusiasm.”

Through listening to Vujicic’s testimonies on the Internet, I learned that he often publicly prayed for a wife. He knew he could never hold her hand, he said, but he realized he could hold her heart. Within this past year, he married a lovely woman, and, on Feb. 13, she gave birth to their son.

I love Nick’s story, his handsomeness, his humor, and his determination to have a strong faith and positive attitude. I am glad he has chosen to live in America, California to be exact, so that we Americans can often hear his positive messages. Also, I am looking forward to seeing what else this man accomplishes. Spring break is a great time to check him out.

So, for those who will not be traveling during spring break, gather the family around, and order one or both of Vujicic’s books. The readers in the family will be fighting to read them first.

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