Sound off: GOP caters to the greedy rich and corporate donors
by Jeff Thomason
Rogers, Sessions, Shelby and the other extremists in the GOP have permitted their blind hate for President Obama to expose their true loyalty. Not to the Constitution or the betterment of the nation, but their iron clad loyalty to the greedy rich and corporate donors. They are obsessed with punishing the poor, elderly, children, school teachers and women through a debt ‘crisis’ of their making.

Corporate profits are higher than ever and the stock market just set another record. Yet they are obsessed with gutting ‘entitlements’ and destroying Obamacare, Social Security union and Medicaid.

Here are some rational, logical and fair solutions that will work:

• Establish a Wall Street Transaction Tax – 1,800 billion over 10 years;

• Eliminate corporate tax loopholes – $1,240 billion over 10 years;

• Raise Soc Sec Cap to $170,000 – $457 billion over 10 years;

• Negotiate Medicare Drug Prices - $220 billion over 10 years.

Yes, practical rational and fair solutions that do not brutalize the elderly, poor and children at the expense of the rich. Exactly the reason an extremist GOP will not consider them.
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