A special performance
by our readers
Ugandan Thunder, a children’s choir composed of 22 multitalented children (15 girls and seven boys) ages 10-13 from Uganda, recently performed in Anniston and brought greetings from Africa. They sang and danced in a worship service that included a cappella music, Ugandan drum songs, track songs in the Lugandan language as well as songs in English such as “I am Amazed,” “Our Song of Freedom — Jesus is the Hope of the Nations,” “Here I am to Worship,” and “I’ll Fly Away.”

The Ugandan Thunder Children’s Choir hails from the Royal School and Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda, where they practiced for a year for the tour of 23 American states to raise funds for 5,000 orphans in 14 orphanages through the organization Pennies for Posho, founded and directed by Ted Moody. Posho is the staple food of Uganda and many countries across Africa. We may think of it as a second cousin to grits. James 1:27 instructs to care for orphans and widows.

Despite the heartache, hunger, malaria and disease in Uganda, a nation of 2 million orphans, Ugandan Thunder choir members had joy, smiles and laughter in their interactive performance. The children are making new discoveries during their U.S. tour. One young man who wants to become a pastor encountered a red fire-alarm box with the word “Pull.” He pulled the alarm and amid lights and sirens the Ugandan children ran in all directions as they thought it was “the end of the world.”

The children stated that as orphans they are without parents to consider food, clean water, clothing and housing. However, they said they have a Heavenly Father and trust Him with all their needs. Then the choir movingly sang the song, “My Life is in Your Hands.”

Penny J. Nielsen
© 2013