A two-year-old grandson editorializes
By Austin as imagined by Sherry Kughn

ANDOVER, N.J. ­­– On the first day of spring break, I awoke from my afternoon nap to find that Grandma is here. I remember visiting her at Christmas time, and I remember she is fun, mostly because she gives me what I want when I want it. “I wub you, Grandma.”

Grandma sleeps in my room, and I awake for two mornings in a row and run to find mommy at 6 a.m. sharp. By the third day, though, I get into bed with Grandma and talk. “You’re snuggly, too, Grandma.”

We visit a ship and a submarine docked at Manhattan. Daddy watches me while Grandma, Mommy and Brother go on a tour. I drop some popcorn at the ferry-boat ticket office and try to catch the birds that eat it. “Grandma, why are you laughing?”

Two days later, Grandma, Mommy and I go to what they say is an Ethiopian restaurant. This is my kind of place, as we eat with our hands. I do not know what we are eating, but some of it looks like baby food. The chicken dish had chunks of meat just right for me. Grandma and Mommy wanted no dessert, but I did. They promised me a treat on the way home. “Grandma, may I hab a donut?”

On Wednesday, Grandma walks for exercise and takes me with her. We walk on a trail near Cranberry Lake. There are bears here, so Grandma carries a stick. I pick one up, too. I stop to throw rocks in Cranberry Lake. I sit on big rocks along the trail. I run ahead of Grandma, and she runs to catch up. Next, I poke along the trail. Grandma sighs, shrugs, and says she is getting little exercise. “Grandma, why do you look fwustwated?” 

Daddy takes off from work, and we all go car shopping, except for Brother, who is in school.

Just as we arrive at the car lot an hour and a half from home, I run a 103-degree fever. I lie on Grandma’s chest while Mommy finds the nearest drug store. I scream loudly when they pour medicine in my mouth. It bubbles up and runs down my neck. “Grandma, why are you worried?”

I am much better the next day. Mommy and Daddy paid fifty dollars to the doctor and the drug store.

It is money they could have been used to pay the taxes on the used truck Daddy bought. “Grandma, thanks for agreeing with Mommy that I’m worth the money.”

It is two days before Easter, and Mommy must shop. Grandma takes Brother and me to the nearby pet store. There are many birds, fish, and animals in cages. I scream and scare a canary. Grandma says don’t do that.

My favorite animal is the brown bunny. I watch a man who works at the pet store give the bunny some new hay and food. Brother wants the brown bunny and says he will pay Grandma back the thirty dollars. “Pwease, Grandma, can we hab a bunny?”

We hunted Easter eggs on the last day of the trip. Brother and I were so happy to get a basketful of candy and toys. Grandma and Mommy kept crying, though, and I did not know why until Daddy drove Grandma to the airport. “I miss Grandma, too, and now I know why Mommy cries.”

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