Joe Medley's In My Opinion: Did a coach motivate his team? How dare he?
by Joe Medley
Is anyone really surprised that “Beat Bama” is on the wall of a meeting room in the Auburn football complex?

Was anyone surprised when Nick Saban, during his hiring news conference at Alabama, said he will work 365 days a year to dominate the Crimson Tide’s in-state rival?

If anyone is outraged or looking to be -- and some always do in this state, on both sides of the partisan divide -- here’s a reality check. Coaches must motivate their teams and, to an extent, their fan bases.

Whether it was Saban in 2007 or Auburn’s Gus Malzahn now, both coaches speak primarily to their players, even when talking in public. To the extent that they speak to fans, they speak to their fans and not a rival’s fans.

Only diehards too caught up in a rivalry would take insult from a rival’s coach motivating his players, which is clearly the design of words appearing … on the wall … of a team meeting room.

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